Board of Directors – 2017-2018 Executive

Marcy Soehn, CPPO, CPPB
Manager, Procurement Services, Corporate Purchasing
Government of Alberta
9th Floor, South Tower, Seventh Street Plaza
10030 – 107 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3E4
Tel: 780-427-3270
Public procurement has been somewhat of a second career as Marcy had originally started off working administration jobs within the media industry.  Marcy started with the Government of Alberta in 2004, and never looked back.  Over the years she obtained her Certified Professional Public Buyer (CPPB) designation in November 2007 and her Certified Professional Public Officer (CPPO) in October 2014.  She started as a junior buyer and now Marcy is a Manager within Procurement Services where we are responsible for the acquisition of goods and associated services $10,000 and higher.  Marcy loves the diversity of the goods that we acquire and the fact that what appears to be the most straight forward acquisition can throw you curveballs.  She has been involved with the Canada West Chapter in various positions during her time in public purchasing.
Currently Vacant
Stephanie Galba, CPPO, CPPB
Manager, Purchasing & Contract Services, Financial Services
Edmonton Public Schools
Centre of Education
1 Kingsway NW
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3E4
Tel: 780-429-8203
Stephanie has been a supply chain professional for over 25 years. She started her career at the University of Alberta, Materials Management working in several supply chain facets including mail, central stores/warehousing, shipping/receiving, accounts payable and purchasing.  She spent almost 16 years with the Government of Alberta starting as a Senior Purchasing Officer, then moving into leadership roles as Procurement Manager and Director, Corporate Purchasing. She is currently the Manager of Purchasing & Contract Services with Edmonton Public Schools, where she is responsible for all goods, services and construction procurement, as well as surplus/disposal for the District. Stephanie is a duly-certified procurement professional holding both CPPB and CPPO certifications through UPPCC/NIGP and is a proud member of both NIGP National and NIGP-Canada West Chapter.
Recording Secretary
Cristal Halverson, SCMP, CPPB
Team Lead- Acquisition Services, Procurement
50 Corriveau Avenue
St. Albert, Alberta T8N 3T5
Tel: 780-447-7497
Cristal has been with the Public Sector for 18 years and specifically in Procurement for 16 years. She began her career with Agriculture Financial Service Corporation (AFSC); through Service Alberta, worked for the Solicitor General’s office and has been with the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) for 9 years. She is currently the Team Lead of Acquisition Services where she supervises all Goods and low dollar, low risk Service procurements including Purchase Orders/Work Orders, public competitions, contracts, etc. She obtained her CPPB designation with the UPPCC/NIGP in 2014.
Past President
Donna Zeeh Chorley, CPPO, CPPB
Procurement Specialist, Procurement Services
Supply Management Services
3rd Floor Materials Management Building
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T6G 2R3
Tel: 780-492-2034
Donna has worked within Public Procurement since 1981 in a variety of capacities from administration to management. She has been fortunate in her career to have worked with and bought a diverse selection of commodities and services, including construction. Donna has both her CPPO and CPPB Certifications and is a Master Instructor with NIGP National since 1997. She has served on the Executive and various Committees within NIGP’s Canada West Chapter since 1989 including Vice-President (2009 & 2010), President (2011 to 2014), and Past President (2015- 2017).

Committee Chairpersons – 2017-2018 Executive

Professional Development
Jackie Ruttan, CPPB
Senior Purchasing Officer, Procurement Services
Corporate Purchasing, Government of Alberta
9th Floor, South Tower, 10030 – 107 Avenue
Edmonton, AB  T5J 3E4
Phone: (780) 427-2641
Jackie has been a purchasing officer within the Public Service for 15 years (7 years with RCMP-Federal Government, 4 years with PWGSC- Federal Government, and 5 years with Service Alberta- Provincial Government).  She is Senior Purchasing Officer within Procurement Services at Service Alberta and is responsible for processing goods requirements, over $10,000, for Government of Alberta Ministries.  Jackie is currently on an assignment within Procurement Services as a Project Contracting Analyst and assists Ministries with their services requirements as well as customized software requirements.  Jackie received her CPPB designation with UPPCC/NIGP in October of 2013.
Lisa Kutzner, CPPB,CID
Facility Designer
Central Services, Seniors Housing
14420 109 Avenue
Edmonton , Alberta T5N 4B3
Tel: 780-447-9217
Lisa began her public procurement career with Greater Edmonton Foundation as a purchasing officer for the first 3 years and received her CPPB designation with UPPCC/NIGP in 2013.  She moved over to the facility maintenance side of our management body where she is involved in the specifications, procurement and contract administration that accompany design related projects.
Joanne Caissie, CPPB
Senior Procurement Specialist, Procurement
Corporate Services, AGLC
50 Corriveau Avenue
St. Albert, Alberta T8N 3T5
Tel: 780-651-7750
Joanne has recently moved to Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) as a Senior Procurement Specialist, leading teams of clients to procure medium to high dollar services, information technology and construction through a competitive process. Joanne was with the Government of Alberta (GoA) for 24 years, with 21 years in a procurement role. She started in the GoA with Justice within the IT unit as a Project Coordinator and moved to Solicitor General as Senior Procurement Officer.  Joanne also worked within Procurement Services, Service Alberta as Enterprise Software Agreement Specialist.  She currently holds a CPPB designation with UPPCC/NIGP since 2011.
Programs, Nominations, and Awards
Chelle Busch
Manager, Vendor & Trade Development Transformation
Government of Alberta
9th Floor, South Tower, Seventh Street Plaza
10030 – 107 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3E4
Tel: 780-644-7430
Chelle started her career in public service 16 years ago in the Public Affairs Bureau, setting up and running news conferences for Government of Alberta Ministers as well as the Premier. When she wasn’t connecting our Officials to the world she was back in her office, creating audio and video files to post up for the public, as well as purchasing all IT requirements for the Bureau. After 7 years Chelle moved to Service Alberta as a Vendor Development Coordinator. The goal was to create outreach opportunities for Alberta vendors to help them understand the public procurement process. Throughout her time with Service Alberta her path has changed from outreach, to procurement, to trade agreement policy. It finally settled into a nice mix of trade agreement policy and vendor outreach in her current position as Manager of Vendor and Trade Development. It takes a little finessing but she makes it work. In addition to broadcasting and computer programming diplomas, Chelle also holds a Project Manager certificate. She’s been a member of both NIGP National and NIGP-Canada West Chapter for several years.

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