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President’s Update


Cristal Halverson joined our executive team in this last term. She has done an amazing job keeping track of our minutes as well as scheduling our meetings.  We have really valued her new perspective and input into the meetings.


Lisa Kutzner is looking into ways to attract new members. She is currently working on a review of the NIGP National member list to see if there are members within Alberta that are currently not members of our chapter.

The executive has considered having our dinner meetings available via video conferencing or skype, to attract members outside of Edmonton. We are taking into consideration that this may deter members in Edmonton from attending, as well as those participating via video conferencing or Skype would only benefit from the “presenter” portion and would miss the networking component.  We will continue to explore and look at options to attract memberships outside of Edmonton.

We have implemented the “bring a guest” incentive, which has attracted new members. We will consider continuing with this incentive.

Professional Development:

Jackie Ruttan has the challenge of member’s registering for the seminars offered. Our last chapter survey did indicate members prefer face-to-face meetings, however there is still little to no registrants.

She has surveyed the members to enquire as to what seminars they would like to see scheduled with no response and has attempted to schedule seminars far in advance and the result is still the same.

She will continue to work with the members to have some seminars scheduled.

Programs and Nominations:

Chelle Busch has been bringing some fresh ideas and perspectives to our meetings. We will look to have speakers that are within our budget as well as to allow for topics that allow for the chapter to issue a certificate for contact hours.  If any member has a guest speaker that would fit into this criteria, please contact Chelle directly.


Joanne Caissie has been exploring and utilizing new ideas to have the chapter more “modern”. As an example our recent dinner meeting notification was sent as a calendar invite.  The chapter now has a general email address ( We have created a LinkedIn account which is in the early stage of development and we are looking into creating a FaceBook page.


Stephanie Galba during her tenor has implemented PayPal! This has allowed entities/members to process payments via credit card, making it more efficient for members as well as the chapter.

She always keeps us on track with our money and paying our bills on time.

She has also initiated having the chapter structure registered as non-profit which we are reviewing the process, more detail to follow.

Past President:

Donna Zeeh Chorley is always a wealth of information of chapter dealings in the past and continues to provide recommendations moving us forward.

Vice President:



I am in support of all the initiatives above.

I am currently working with Stephanie (who has spearheaded this initiative) to have our chapter structure formally registered as a non-profit. This will assist in areas of booking facilities for a non-profit rate.  This process does allow us for a chapter name change which could allow for some branding opportunities, more detail and information to follow on this topic.

Another area that we are exploring is to implement a “Scholarship Program” to allow a chapter member to attend form. Some thoughts are that the chapter would pay for the registration and the member would pay for flights and accommodations.  This is in the early stages, and we are currently obtaining information on what other chapters have set in place.

The term for me as President will be completed December 2019 at which time I will be stepping down and hope that there will be some amazing new people be willing to step into this position. New ideas are always a welcome!

If any members have any ideas on the above or in general please contact the Executive, our contact information is on the website.

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!




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